Friday, 27 September 2013

How I Met Your Father - Part 6

Hi Kid(s),
Mom is here, how are you ?

After I and your dad made a deal of 1 year contract to rent our new apartment, we decided to try the new SpOG doctor. Dr. Dario Turk at Pantai Indah Kapuk hospital. At first, we didn't mean to have "that" program, I just need to check the pain in my stomach.

Surprisingly, Dr. Dario said that I need no worry because the pain is normal - there are some minor adenomiosis inside my utery that caused the pain. Luckily, these adenomiosis do not affect the insemination process. And he suggested us to take "that" program.

After that, we took some laboratory test in Pluit, and the result were OK. This kind of test is not as many as the previous suggested test which cost 12 million. This test took only 6 million. Well, if I said "only" it doesn't mean that I feel free and nothing to lose to pay that much. It is a bit difficult for me and your dad, but for you, we will try our best. Dr. Dario also gave me some pills to boost my fertility.

On the 16th day of my cycle, I am so happy to hear that there are TWO BIG EGGS which are ready to be released from the ovary.

I am glad to know that we are both normal, and nothing wrong with the "hardware" hahahaaa....

I know it is just a beginning. We have to try more and never give up.

Life is a miracle.
And it is about time before God make it happen.