Sunday, 5 May 2013

How I Met Your Father - Part 5

Dear Kid(s),

Last Friday - on May 3rd - finally I met with Professor T.Z.Jacoeb in Sam Marie Clinic, South Jakarta.
The queue is very loooooonnnggg....and I got number 23 !!!
I and your dad decided to watch Iron Man 3 in IMAX Gandaria to kill time. I got some phone rings from my manager when I watched the movie, but I just ignored it, because I said to him that I must attend the clinic on time at noon - lolzz...we're a naughty-escape-from-work-couple :D
Well, even my schedule is 8:00 pm, but we met the doctor at 9:30 pm, not too bad...and he explained about reproduction system briefly.
I and your dad have to take some tests in laboratory before further medical treatment.
All the test should be done in 1 menstruation cycle, i.e in 1 month.

For this very first visit, we spent IDR 270,000 for doctor consultation and administration fee - ONLY !!

We asked the nurse to write the budget estimation for every test, and here's the list :
- General treatment check, both for me and your dad = IDR 1,400,000
- Sperm analysis, general = IDR 1,300,000
- Reproduction hormone & protein = IDR 4,700,000
- HSG = IDR 1,000,000
- Torch, KM, HIV = IDR 3,500,000

TOTAL = IDR 11,900,000

Well...well...I just can say NOTHING, I am speechless  >_<"

I know, we will have the money in the second quarter of the year (e.g THR, bonus, incentive), but I have a plan to travel to Singapore.
I really want to have you indeed ! No doubt about it.

But I will not force myself to do this.

I will let everything flow as God's plan.
And I will enjoy my quality time with your dad before you come into our life :)