Thursday, 20 December 2012

How I Met Your Father - Part 2

It's a blue chair day that I will remember for the next years.

Kid, I just think that....
We are not ready to be your parent yet......
I am so sad to think of it, but it's true.
Because I realized that I am an egoist person, careless, and stubborn.

Let the story begin...

Today, your father bought a blue chair from the nearest supermarket. Once I saw that blue chair, all I can think is....THAT IS AN UGLY CHAIR !!!
When I asked him why he bought it, he answered me that it's the cheapest chair that he can found.

I can't believe it !!!!

He forget about what I said long long time ago that I want to buy the same chair for our dining room - the same black flowery chair. And he suddenly bought that ugly chair. How can he said that he knows me but he can't understand my sense of art ?

I knew, because of my words, your father would be feel offended since he is a kind of person who get upset easily.

You know, your mom is a kind of person who will say everything that she likes and dislikes straightly. And I said, "That chair will make our room looks bad, I don't like it, it's so ugly..."

And your dad said, "Never mind, I'll throw it away to the garbage room !!"

His answer is sooooo childish.
I even didn't ask him to do anything. I just said that I don't like it.

I knew he is so tired of brought that chair all the way home. He even said that he is shaking. How can I ask him to throw it away ? Am I that mean ?

But I don't want to interrupt his decision. I have asked him if it's a waste, but he just acted that didn't care (but actually I knew he DOES CARE about it).

He just want to save his ego.

Kid, I know your mother and father are just kids sometimes.

And maybe, God want us to learn to be more mature before He let us to take care of you.

I also really hope that the chair - which is now in the apartment garbage room - will find a nice master who will keep it carefully.