Tuesday, 11 March 2014

How I Met Your Father - Part 9


Dear Kid(s),

Maybe this is the last chapter of this season.
I have just done some medical treatments and the result is not good.

The doctor said that I may not be pregnant because of my heart & lungs condition.
If I insist, he said that 75% will cause the death of you, me, or us both.

The tension in my lungs is way too high, even if it's just to supply the oxygen for my body. It will become even higher if I'm pregnant and my heart will exceed its limit to pump the blood.

It's not my broken lungs or heart that made me cry.
It's because I can't have you that make me the saddest woman in the world.

Deep inside my heart, I believe that 25% is more that enough for miracle to happen into somebody's life.

25% is a big opportunity.
25% is hope.
25% is everything for me.

I will cancel ALL the baby program that I have planned because of that 75%.
But, I WILL NOT say goodbye to you because of that 25%.

So, I would like to say....
See you again in the next chapter of my life.