Monday, 17 February 2014

How I Met Your Father - Part 8

Dear Kid(s).....

Remember my last post when I said that I wanna do something on February ?
I decided to cancel it.

It's a kind of traditional eastern theraphy called acupuncture.
They said it is good to normalize hormones and metabolism in our body.

I am not sure why I changed my mind, in the beginning of February I decided to postpone it.
At least until I try the first IUI - Intrauterine Insemination.
I will back to Dr. Dario and ask if I can do IUI on March or April.
If he said I can't do it, I will move to another doctor in RSIA Bunda.

I really want to try IUI on March, but I have to go to Sydney again.

You know what makes me sad when I tried to refuse the order to go to Sydney ?
I told my manager about my plan to do IUI on March, and it has to be done exactly on my fertile period.
And he said, it should be no problem for me to postpone it one or two month because it has been 2 years after all.

I know he is right.
and it's so ironic....


jessica rusli said...


kampret juga si ko mar ngomong bgitu..bangkeeee...grrrrr

buyik..jangan menyerah yaa..Tuhan pasti ngasih anak kalau kita udah siap kok..sabar yaa cintaaa...
tetep berjuang dan siapin dana sedini mungkin..mwahhhh!!

Your dear

r-auLia said...

Buyikkk tetap semangat dan jangan menyerah!
Kiss and hug for youuuu :))