Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How I Met Your Father - Part 1

Hello Kid(s),

I am your mother, and this is the first story from me to you.
First of all, I am sorry for these horrible grammars. I just want to practice my english so that someday we can have a little chit-chat in english. In God's permission, I will take you to the international elementary school. About where the money come from ? I do not know yet :)
I am not a rich people, you know, nor your father, your grandmas and granpas. But just like I mentioned before, in God's permission, I have faith that everything is possible.

You know kids, everyone told me that money is not the most important thing. But, we still do believe that everything need money, yes ?
Sometimes i really hate this condition that I have to choose to postpone to have you in the first year of I and your father marriage.
Life is about to choose. I hate it, but I have to.

It is not that I prefer to have another thing instead of you. HELL NO.

I just want to prepare a better living condition for you.
If a car become the first priority before you, it is mean that I don't want you to consume air polution in Jakarta directly while you still breathe through me. I don't want you to feel the hard-shaking motorcycle while you still sleep in my belly.
How can I handle this very fragile sweet creature inside of me ?

But Kid(s),
I think I can't wait anymore.
Although we do not have a car yet, we welcome you anytime.
I really hope that you won't let me and your father wait too long for your presence.
Pic Source : designandprgirl.com.au
Will God let you come to us ? When is God let you come to us ?

In the end, I can only said what Mother Mary said to Angel Gabriel,
"I am the Lord's servant, May it be to me as you have said."


r-auLia said...

I can't wait to meet your unborn *kiss* hihihihi...

aku juga pernah bikin post isinya surat buat anakku nanti, lucu yaaa :D

tetap semangat buyiik, ayo bikin teyuss ama pak riiik ;P

**Erika said...

di sini kan cyilaaa...

co cweet....kirana mentari :)

yo! yo! semangat bikin dd, bwakakakaakaa....

ternyata susah ya, harus nunggu masa subur, di mana masa hidup ovum cuma 12-48 jam. selebih dari itu dia akan mati. Jadi dalam waktu 12-48 jam itu harus terjadi pembuahan. Kyaaaa...otokeee ??